Quilled Peacock Feather Picture


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Measuring 44x44cms/17x17ins, This quilled paper picture is in a black mounted inlay box frame behind glass and a wall hanging mount. Each picture is made to order, so tell us the colours that you want and we'll create a unique, one of a kind, piece of art.

Free P&P to the UK.

What Does a Feather Represent?

Feathers are associated with the presence of angels, hence the expression ‚feathers appear when angels are near. Because feathers are beautiful and ethereal in nature, it's small wonder why the connection between the two was made.

Feathers are sacred gifts from the Divine, a show of force from the heavens that they are listening to your prayers, your wishes and your desires. It's a symbol of acknowledgment, that someone or something in the spirit world is looking out for you, keeping you safe and empowering you to whatever path you set upon. If you see a feather, your angel is near and they are reminding you that, with them, you are safe.

And remember that angels aren't just the celestial beings that serve the Divine: they can also be the souls of loved ones who have been raised into glory and given power to protect, to guide and even to grant your heart's desires. Each angel is given a specific colour to represent their different responsibilities, just as different birds and feathery creatures have different colours of the rainbow as their feathers to represent their unique place on earth.